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English Language Learning Services: Improving Your Spoken & Written Communications

personalphotoHello, and welcome to the English Learning Center on International Straight Talk! My specialties are accent reduction, improving your verbal, written communications, and interviewing skills, and helping you master vocabulary relevant to your academic discipline or profession.

Over years of working with students from many countries and fields of study, I have developed tools and methods that work, and that are fun and interesting.

If you have questions about my methods, and what you can expect to accomplish, please contact me by clicking here.

I love working with my students, and try hard to offer them good value and personalized teaching. Here are what just three of my students have to say (references upon request):

Xin -PhD Computer Science

First Language: Mandarin

Bill is both a nice person and effective teacher. He is easy to talk with and focuses on forming a good relationship with the student. Based on students’ needs, he creates new customized teaching methods on the fly and ensures that specific requirements are addressed. I highly recommend Bill as an English teacher.

Emmanuel – Computer Company Executive

First Language: French

I really enjoyed working with Bill. Although I wished I had more time to dedicate to my classes, the hours I spent working with Bill have been very helpful and valuable to me. He is a very dedicated professor who spent time to understand my needs before we started the lessons. He customized each class to respond to my needs and took the time to research information which I always found very useful. He brought very useful business related and cultural information. I can recommend him if you’re looking for a dedicated, engaged and fun English teacher.

How We Will Begin

Our work together will begin with an online webcam discussion of your learning goals. There is no charge for this session, nor for your first sample lesson.

If we agree to work together, as one of your first assignments I will ask you to make a video of yourself discussing a few topics in your field of interest. I will provide you with a set of topics you can choose from for this purpose.

You will keep this video – it is not for posting online. We’ll use this video as a benchmark to measure your progress later on – most of my students are amazed when they go back and review this video after two or three months of our working together.

Almost all of my students are at some stage of their career in business, the technical world, or the professions. They already read and understand written English very well. Many of my students are also quite capable of reading written English materials aloud.

Their challenges lie mainly in the area of spontaneous spoken English, such as when they are making a technical presentation, explaining complex concepts to English-speaking students, discussing matters with English-speaking clients, negotiating a business deal in English, or communicating well during an interview with a native-English speaker. 

Many also feel challenged when expressing themselves in written English, whether in a research paper or business report, or in a presentation or proposal, or simply in an important memo or email.

Many, but certainly not all of my students have been native Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, French and Spanish-speakers. Their concerns have included pronunciation, accent-reduction, comprehension of spoken English, vocabulary, mastery of syntax, gaining control of the speed of their speech, and improving their verbal teaching and presentation skills. 

I work with my students to identify and use learning materials that are relevant to their specific professional and business interests.

For example, I am a member of dozens of specialized internet websites where technical and professional questions are asked and answered, and where discussions between professionals in a particular field take place online.

My collection of websites and discussion topics covers virtually every professional and technical field, which means that I am always able to bring interesting and relevant resources to our spoken English lessons.

Working with relevant discussion topics, my students rapidly improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, mastery of syntax, and other spoken English skills.

Since we are always working with topics that are at the heart of their field of interest, our discussions are interesting, relevant, and motivating. My students learn to communicate better in spoken English because we are discussing topics that are directly connected to their professional interests.

You can click here to view a short YouTube video in which I describe my teaching approach.

Writing & Editing Services

I am also frequently asked to assist in improving my students’ business, professional, technical & academic writing. I can provide such editing services either online and offline.  

As an editor, I specialize in assisting with user guides, manuals & instructions, business and technical presentations, technical papers, academic papers, teaching curricula, and business reports.

Culturally Appropriate Learning

As you can see, the theme of this website is “Managing Human Relations For Competitive Advantage”. I am sure you already appreciate that the ability to communicate effectively across cultures lies at the core of most successful international business and professional experiences.

My spoken English lessons are based on a personal understanding of cultural differences as they impact communication in every field. I have many years of experience as a professional cross-cultural trainer, with clients that ranged from Texas Instruments and Shell USA to AT&T and General Dynamics.

Since your primary objective (and mine!) is to improve your spoken business and professional English capability, and since I hope that you share my passion for creating greater cultural understanding and respect for different worldviews and ways of thinking, whenever possible I will use culturally-appropriate materials as the basis for your language learning experience with me.

I strive to help my students learn conversational English the way they would by talking with a helpful, non-judgmental friend or colleague. I pay close attention to your needs, and craft our lessons so that they are culturally relevant and tailored to your personal style and interests.

How To Book Lessons From This Page

I have created this page to enable you to access high quality, affordable Professional & Business English lessons. If you are familiar with the normal charges for online tutoring you will find that my fees are very competitive, and you have my promise that these lessons will not be boring or repetitive.  

You can use the buttons at the bottom of this page to purchase single lessons or reduced-rate packages, as you choose.

Please note: your first one-hour lesson is always free. This free lesson will include a discussion of what your goals are and how we can work together to help you achieve them.

Thank you for considering me as your guide to more effective spoken business & professional communications in English.

I am looking forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

If you would like to schedule a free lesson, or if you have any questions please contact me here.

Single One-Hour Lesson $25.00 USD Total
Buy Button with Credit Cards

5 One-Hour Lesson Package $117.50 USD Total (This is a 5% discount from the single lesson rate)
Buy Button with Credit Cards

10 One-Hour Lesson Package $225.00 USD Total (This is a 10% discount from the single lesson rate)
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Multi-Cultural Team-Building Workshops

Are you part of a multi-cultural team? Do you work online with people in other countries, or are you in a multi-cultural workplace? Do you need to understand more about how the people you work with or do business with think and feel about key aspects of your working relationship? If so, I can offer you and your colleagues or business associates a fun, very effective way to learn so much about each other’s culture that you will all become far better communicators, and can accomplish more in your work together than you ever thought possible.

Please note: these are not lectures or traditional lessons! These are simple, fun assignments that you accomplish yourself, on your own time, using your favorite Social Media platform.

The workshop consists of ten easy assignments involving Social Media-based communication that you can complete on your own schedule, and after every assignment everyone will come together online to review the results and get your next assignment. This workshop was the top favorite of all of my University of Texas Executive MBA classes, and I can guarantee that you have never experienced anything like it before!

You can contact me here to obtain full details – please put “Multi-Cultural Team-Building” as your subject line in the email.

If you would like to book a Multi-cultural Team Building Workshop now, please use the PayPal “Buy Now” button below. Each person participating in the workshop will need to sign up individually. PLEASE NOTE: once each member of the team that is taking the workshop has signed up by clicking the “Buy Now” button below, YOU MUST send me an email letting me know that you have signed up, and also the identities of the other Team Members who are participating in the workshop, so that I can be sure that everyone is able to log onto the same Skype group together. I will respond to each Team Member and will coordinate the Workshop schedule to accommodate everyone’s needs.


Buy Button with Credit Cards

Business, Professional & Academic Writing and Editing Services

As a widely published writer, an experienced editor, a business trainer, and an MBA-Level university professor, I have worked with people who have been tasked with creating all kinds of written communications, from business reports to background research and analysis, and from term papers to dissertations.

You can browse extensive samples of my work on the “My International Business Publications” page of this website.

My services do not include writing the document for you. I am not a “Ghost Writer”. Writing (or at least drafting) the original document is your job, and you are the person who knows best what you want to communicate and what you want your readers to understand. However, I can begin to help you beginning with the rough draft stage, all the way forward to the final draft. I am also available to help you revise your work after you believe that it is finished and would simply like a second opinion and perhaps some suggestions for improving what you consider to be a finished product.

My job is to take what you have written and help you craft it so that it communicates with your readers effectively, concisely and accurately. Most important, in my experience, is that when we are finished working together on your document it will be interesting!

My fee for all writing/editing services is $25 USD/hour, whether we are working together online via webcam or if you want me to work on your document off-line and maintain communication with you through regular webcam visits as the work progresses. After our initial (no charge) discussion on Skype, I will give you an estimate of the number of hours involved, and arrange for you to make a convenient payment using PayPal or your choice of credit card.

Please email me to discuss your writing/editing needs.

I understand and respect the need for absolute confidentiality when I am working on your project, and if you need to have a confidentiality agreement in place before we begin I have no issue at all with that. Please let me know before we begin if that is your preference.


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